ZipTrak Blinds

Our ZipTrak Blinds are our perfect solution to alfresco areas all around Melbourne. Built tough to handle the harshest Melbourne conditions, the zip lock feature allows the blinds to be secured tightly to stop those strong winds on a winter's day. Make the most of your outdoor living space all year round by creating a weatherproof barrier keeping you protected from the sun, wind, rain & those annoying insects.

ZipTrak Blinds can be one-way looking blinds which will provide privacy from any neighbours, all the while, giving you complete visibility when looking out, they are perfect when keeping an eye on the kids while you entertain in your barbeque or alfresco dining area. The high-quality ZipTrak system stops the rattling sound when it's windy, like those clip-on outdoor cafe blinds. They can span up to 6 metres wide and they also have a locking mechanism to lock your blinds at your desired height. It is a premium product that gives you the premium feel.

ZipTrak Blinds feature specially designed side tracks allowing the unit to be mounted with all hardware hidden from eyesight with a very square and level adjustment to allow for out-of-square and irregular openings. Our ZipTrak Blinds come in mesh, fabric and PVC coverings.

Available in both motorised and manual systems, we have an option available for every budget.

Call The Australian Blind Company today on 0405 465 550 or e-mail us to get a free quote on ZipTrak Blinds, or to book your install. You will love the new look.