Plantation Shutters

Plantation Shutters are a product that screams luxury! Plantation Shutters are one of the most popular window furnishings in Melbourne homes today. These stylish and luxurious shutters allow you to transform your windows from a basic window furnishing to a visually appealing and high-end window furnishing! Perfect for modern homes, such as those seen on The Block, older homes or country homes. Plantation Shutters are truly a flexible indoor blind that suits any home.

Plantation Shutters allow you to have full sunlight shining through when open, partial sunlight with mobile directional shutters or you can completely block out the harsh sun by closing the shutters. Plantation Shutters also allow fresh air to travel through them, providing air flow and a cool breeze during a hot Melbourne summer.

We only use the finest grade of timber for our Plantation Shutters to provide that top end luxurious feel. Don't settle for cheap alternatives that will feel and look out of place, our Plantation Shutters are made to last even in the harshest of conditions.

Available in a range of colours we can supply Plantation Shutters in all sizes, from windows to doors the options are countless.

Contact The Australian Blind Company today on 0405 465 550 to get a free quote on Plantation Shutters, or to book your installation. You will love the new look.