Roller Shutters

What are roller shutters?

Roller Shutters are essentially Exterior Blinds for the outside of your home or office. They are manufactured using strong aluminium. These outdoor shutters provide increased security against burglars and the harsh elements that Melbourne's Summer and Winter months throw at you. We custom make these shutters as per customer requirements. The Australian Blind Company supplies high-quality shutters to ensure an upgrade in the look of your home and increasing home security.

Why do you need Roller Shutters?

The main purpose of a Roller Shutter is to reassure you about the security of your home or office. Thus, even if you were doubtful about whether or not you should get a Roller Shutter installed, cast away those doubts from now on with quality products from The Australian Blind Company. Installing Roller Shutters in your home is one of the first steps to feeling secure. Just like a quality Security Door, strong and durable Roller Shutters will provide the security and peace of mind for you and your family.


These Roller Shutters can be used for all windows on your home. Commercial or Industrial applications will need a different solution. Your purpose for choosing a Roller Shutter may range from noise reduction or increasing your home security to increasing your home's value. You should make a list of the things you require in your Roller Shutters and then choose the most suitable one for your needs.

This security innovation will upgrade your home and/or office security. The Roller Shutters are available from different brands in coming in different styles and sizes. Also, these are easy to install and within the reasonable budget.

Among all types of Roller Shutters, our Aluminium Shutters have some exceptional features to offer:

  • They are robust in nature and they have a long and durable life
  • Shutters can easily withstand moisture
  • They do not need to be constantly maintained

How do they perform?

Call the Australian Blind Company if you need a Roller Shutter installed in the Metropolitan Melbourne area and find out from the professionals. These shutters need to be a great fit before they perform well. Any mistakes in the dimensions may result in their misfitting product. This is what makes it a must to get a roller door that’s precise in terms of its length and breadth. Further, you have choice automatic and manual functioning.

These can be attached to your alarm system as well, which will alert you when something hits the shutter. This ensures greater security.

What’s special about them?

When it comes to our products, we will provide you with a range of colours and pattern selections. Our shutters can be purchased with backup power supply and sophisticated remote control systems. These high-tech Roller Shutters may cost you more, but they will never let you down and increase the functionality and home security.

Why not take the time to look at surrounding neighbourhoods and see what other types of Roller Shutters are installed? You might just find a few ideas that will compliment your home and have a positive effect that will improve the look of your windows and the facade of your home, as well as upgrade the security for your home.

Contact The Australian Blind Company today on 0405 465 550 or e-mail us to get a free quote for some Roller Shutters, or to book your install. You will love the new look.